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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Raw Days

The weather was cold and wet this morning and we headed off for Easter services and a triple Baptism after breakfast. Sitting in the pew behind one of the families I saw that the Baptism candles they were presented with had been made in Hong Kong. Nice candles mind, but it seems that almost nothing is being bought from American suppliers.

I talked with a friend who is rebuilding a barn, and he had gone out to buy an electric hand drill. All but one of the models were made in China. Of the security locks we were looking at that use fingerprint identification, almost all were made in China. What are American companies allowed to manufacture here ?

Today I transcribed Highland Great Pipe, lowland small pipe, border pipe and French pipe music. The problems with doing some of the foreign tapes I picked up, who knows where, is working out where the breaks are. There was a beautiful childrens choir from Prague, but they had run some songs together and I'm sure I totally failed to properly separate them.

Mum was fine, though the ex-Marine across the hall passed away this week. Her 11 am glass of sherry is now regularly appearing in her room again. And the Traveller will be there to see her next week, and me the week after.


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