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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Nightline and bloggers

Well having commented about the Nightline coverage of oil last night, it was amusing to go back and watch them talk about blogging tonight. At the end I think we got a short lecture about bloggers having to earn respect and credibility. Well given my comments about their experts in the oil business I think that shoe should fit both sets of feet.

In many cases, outside of the strictly political, folk are blogging about things that they do know about, often to a considerable level beyond that of the standard reporter. Thus, and again this likely excludes the purely political blogs, there can be a much greater depth of knowledge behind an opinion. And this goes back again to my comments about last night's edition of Nightline. Because shows like that are more often focussed on political issues, they often expect that the solutions to problems will be political, and hence seek folk that are in their eyes experts, but with a political orientation.

I got Kenneth Deffeyes latest book on "Beyond Oil" this evening and note that he concludes that Hubbert's Peak will arrive this Thanksgiving. But his arguments are technical (and real) rather than political (and thus based on less concrete abstractions). He makes the point that the crisis is now coming upon us, but our political masters (particularly those with a successful history in the oil business) are apparently more concerned with ensuring that their friends corner all the wealth in the country (and thus the power) rather than making a realistic effort to find an answer. It is going to be an interesting six months.


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