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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lots of frustration

It is still very much the end of winter. There is still a fair amount of flu and illness here. The Administrator remains off and thus for a second day the morning was spent, possibly fruitfully, just talking to faculty and staff who dropped in to discuss problems and current campus politics.

Yes I know it is my job to listen, and I do, but I had grades due, and tomorrow a presentation on a major new potential source of funding, as well as a call due to Michigan and thus time is critical. But we do what we do, and so most of the morning I listened. This included one of my grad students, who is starting to worry about not getting a job when he graduates. I have a feeling in the latter case there is something else that is an issue, but all we can do is make encouraging noises and cope with whatever happens.

At the Admin meeting this morning I sounded off that cutting budgets beyond a certain point is seriously counter-productive in stopping faculty from getting out to make the contacts that are vital to long-term productivity. Yet when we have to make cuts it is going to be from those that have money, because that is what we need. Hence, in part, my push to get the security changed on the buildings now. We need it long term for a variety of reasons, and we have the money now.

Another meeting looked at upgrading computers, who can, when (over 3 years) and what happens to the old one. And there was a new wrinkle, who has Administrative privileges, ie. who can authorize programs and upgrades. That is a new one, and the new rule is that this will be centralized. Given that I and a lot of my wee enclave have other programs than the few centrally provided this is not going to work.

The net result of all this is that I finally got to work on my presentation for tomorrow (to be delivered 100 miles away at 9 am) at about 10:00 pm. Yeah for us.

I am too tired to be depressed, frustrated or just plain dispirited, and so to bed, and I still haven't called Michigan. Rabbits!


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