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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Life ain't fair

Blogging has been light as, during this past week, we have been learning about the toy. A trainer came in on Wednesday and will be here for two more days, and so we have also been taking classes all weekend. And a thought came to me today. For while I will steer the overall direction of the research, it is the graduate students who will now be playing with it every day. and it ain't fair ( lie on the ground, shriek, and wave arms about) - I wanna play! I wanna play! I even sorta know how already.

But the reality is that, while I was in class, demands for four budgets arrived in the office, two proposals are due Wednesday, budget justifications are due tomorrow, security issues must be addressed by Thursday, current contract work must be invigorated, and as well as class I need to prepare a presentation to students on the joys of what I do for Tuesday. So I will probably miss the last two days of the class and step back into the shadows - Rabbits!

On another point those who have the power came around last week and I explained why both I and the Administrator needed our computers upgraded. (I was going to buy one from our funds as I have in the past, but every few years we get one from campus funds and I was about due). Well no guesses to realize who got her computer replaced this week and who did not.

Mum was fine today, but the press of events (plus a doubling of the fare) suggests that I put my trip over there off by a week.


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