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Friday, March 25, 2005

Hey, its only a report

The folk from Oklahoma had asked that I send the progress report by today and that I go down to present it next week. On Monday that was no problem, by today it had reached a serious issue.

Most of the week turned into budget discussions and on how we should protect our corner of the Universe. Do we go to card swipe or PROX cards, or fingerprints or handprints or face recognition, or encrypted keypads. So we had a couple of vendors come in (small hint to such, when trying to sell a product be aware that some of the audience at a University may do research in what you are talking so glibly about - no not me - some of the folk we had invited in). There is going to be a battle with our Purchasing Department no matter what we pick. And so an admission, since I am going to have to fight that battle, I could have appointed a faculty committee to make the decision on what we do. I did not, your very own local dictator sat, listened to the presentations, chatted with each individual who appeared to have any interest in the subject, and made a decision. Now all I have to do is survive.

The reason, incidentally for the haste, is to do with what is about to happen to our budget.

Yesterday I dropped into an Admin meeting where the Dauphin was making a presentation. He said some kind things, after noticing I was there, but somehow also conveyed the impresssion that I may have one of the larger egos on this campus, to which of course there is little in the way of effective response. Lots of this sort of administrivia all week. But the report had to be done. So I shut my door and worked on it, and except when I let someone in to have some coffee, which led to about five folk coming in one after the other before I could shut it again, I did, finally get that thing out in first draft. But tomorrow it must be revised, and so tonight the libations will be small, and the evening quiet. (But there will be some libations since we did, after all, get another contract today. And on the other hand the class this morning might as well not have happened).


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