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Monday, March 07, 2005

Friday (?) shuttle

Hmm! I suspect my tastes are too old for this game, and I start late. So instead let me list the tapes that I have archived this weekend;
Dysart and Dundonald Pipe Band - World Champions
Iain Thomson - To a Working Collie (songs of a shepherd)
Richard Ormsby - Portrait of a Miner
Kathryn Tickell - Borderlands (Northumbrian small pipe)
Enigma - Love, Sensuality, Devotion
Kenneth McKellar - Highland Journey
Gaelforce Orchestra - From the Green Isle to the Land of the Eagle
Coro Degli Angeli - Misteros (Sardinian)
Marty Robbins - A Lifetime of Song
Shaun Davey - The Pilgrim
Odyssey - A Pipe Journey
Kabu Kei Tai - Bula Mei Beachcomber Island (Fiji)
Various - The Patter (Glasgow)
Wendy Carlos - Digital Moonscapes.

You have to dig out the nuggets from inside that list,and there are a good few. And after finishing the Earl Grey with Lavender, and the Earl Grey Regular, and the Earl Grey Rooibos, we now move on to the Majestic Earl Grey (which contains vanilla and blue mallow blossoms) - can't wait.


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