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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Divided personality

This has been another chaotic day at our corner of the campus. At the end of last week I thought that we were caught up on proposals, I had mailed the latest paper, and had only one quarterly report to prepare for our folks in Oklahoma, before heading over to Europe at the beginning of next month.

So I came in, and went to the Admin meeting, where I was informed of the size of our fraction of the upcoming budget cut. It was an ouch moment and would have been easier if we had that sort of money, but of course we don't.

Then I heard that our friends in Ontario had called last night and needed some data and a cost estimate today for a proposal for some new work. Which meant that the data had to be generated and with no-one else free ( not that I really was) off I went down after lunch and ran the test to get it, and our part of the proposal went over the wires at about 3 pm.

And then the Oklahoma folk e-mailed that they really wanted the report this week, and for me to go down there and present it next week. (A sickly grin appeared as I weakly agreed to do so).

Tonight was devoted to a couple of hours of recruiting and then a little change in this blog. It may have become apparent that just recently it has become more and more fixated on our upcoming oil crisis. Since that really wasn't why I started it, I was delighted when Prof Goose suggested we start a separate blog as a forum for that topic. So we did, and in future most of my posts on oil will appear at The Oil Drum. We hope to see you there.


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