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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Creaking backs

I don't know if it's because of the weather but back ache is going the rounds. I can only stave it off by exercise, and travel (groan) makes it worse. The Actress has been usually relatively unsympathetic but today made her first visit to a Chiropractor (and goes again tomorrow and Friday). After being a bit sore most of the day she is now definitely improved.

The Administrator is alas not in quite such good shape. Yesterday she was the subject for a new student, as she was being X-rayed for her back problems. Since the student was inexperienced she was the "training aid". It meant she was on the table too long, and so she was in quite a bit of pain today.

Well today I delegated another report (this is going to my head) aand got the presentation all done. My part will only take about ten minutes, so hopefully we can have the whole meeting over by lunch and I won't have any problem getting back. Since some of the work is fairly new we are doing a careful dance to make sure it stays relatively secure. Getting a patent very rarely generates any money, but it does help in selling the programs, so we'll see how it goes. The time I nominally saved (is this Juxom's Paradox ?) was spent in working on a couple of budgets for existing contracts that are about to run out, so that we need to ensure that all the money was appropriately spent. Eye glazing work mainly, and I did drop off once in front of my screen.

Talking about security the first firm that promised us a quote hasn't come back with numbers yet (even though we told them we needed them in a hurry) and the second came back with this proprietary system that will cost a maintenance fee and buying special cards from them. That is not the way we want to go since cards can be given to friends or lost on the one hand, and having to develop a separate system rather than using campus ID cards is isolationist on the other. So we are going to see if we can't find some other vendors around. Given the times I am surprised at the lack of basic packages.

So if things go well (hollow laugh) when I get back I won't be able to get into one office - since it won't have my fingerprint, and my new computer will have arrived and been installed. (It's actually here but for the first time we did it through the campus IT folk, what that means is that instead of opening a box, sticking the new machine on my desk, running a firewire from the old one and moving the programs, I now am waiting for a week while our central staff install the only two programs they have, and then it will be ceremonially brought down, and I can spend the next twenty minutes installing the remaining ten or so programs that I normally use. But I must set a good example. Bunch of Rabbits !


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