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Monday, March 28, 2005

Another week

The Specialist came back from a couple of weeks off this morning, and came in to catch up on the news. Which led into a series of grateful delegations of duties - "Go get a lock and we'll see if we like it!" - He chose the thumbprint and we'll see how it goes.

"Call and arrange matters for the small course we might teach," I got that one to him just in time since the person arranging it on the far end called just thereafter. And so it went most of the morning and part of the afternoon, me remembering what had come up, then giving it to him to fix. That's the nice thing about going out of town , since you won't be around someone else has to fix it.

Well actually that's not all true but it was a good excuse, and I had the second draft of the report to revise, and a new set of assignments in to grade. And now its time to do the taxes, and so we gather all the papers, and start - ugh!

And we have a tour next week, so everything must at least look as though it is working, even though the tour will be at night. Oh, and I need to call our Dreamer to find out if that crazy idea that floated out on a mist of alcohol might have some reality. Maybe tomorrow?

Am I sensing a slight case of panic in this post ? After all I have all of tomorrow to do the presentation for Wednesday - if I forget a couple of things - like the meeting first thing in the morning, but that is about the budget so I had better go to that one.


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