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Friday, March 11, 2005

Another day, another dollar

Hmm well I see the experts are changing their song already. Reuter reports that the recent return of oil to $54 a barrel is due in part to a new belief that oil demand this year will rise by some 1.81 mbd. The world surplus of production over demand lies somewhere between 1.5 and 2.0 mbd. This does make Thanksgiving look to be a more than usually interesting time this year. If you want to make that special trip, this might be the year. (There was an article I forgot to bookmark that also quoted a Saudi oil minister commenting that if the world expected them to supply to the levels the world anticipates in a decade or so then somebody had better get out and find the oil - first time they have admitted there is a limit as far as I know).

Well other than that little excitement this was a day of meetings. The man from the security company might have saved us all some time by coming prepared. So now we get another meeting in a couple of weeks, yet he is the approved supplier - Grrr!

I had to be a little unpleasant with a colleague today (that is two days running - its getting to be a bad habit). The difference between a contract and a grant is that there are certain deliverables at defined dates in the former case. We are falling behind that schedule and so I had to do a little bit more than gentle coughing (which is what I had tried - obviously ineffectively - last month). Hope this works, since something has to get done.

The four proposals got out, but I forgot I had 3 White papers due next Tuesday. Awkward since I am on a review panel and having spent tonight reading proposals, I need to enter my comments through the computer tomorrow and then fly off to parts south for the review panel on Monday. Which means I won't be here to get the white papers out. Guess tomorrow is going to be busy - there goes another weekend. Remind me, why am I doing this?


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