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Sunday, March 13, 2005

All work and no play

Well the intent today was to go in and review the proposals for the meeting, post the comments and then tackle the White papers. To let you know how successful that game plan was it is now just past midnight and I just finished the proposals. Though I realized it was going to be a problem and so we had an emergency meeting this morning and I did one of the White papers, leaving a colleague to do the other two. There is always e-mail right, since they aren't due until late Tuesday.

So now I console myself with a glass (large) of Glayva - who for those who have never had it is a much smoother version of Drambuie. I like mine with just a smidgin of ice to cool it a little. I look at 3 tapes of Peter, Paul and Mary I was going to transcribe tonight - didn't get done.

I have 7 DVD's backing up the transcription to date - each has about 1,000 songs or about say 75 CD equivalents. I have 3 drawers full of tape (say 200 more CD equivalents) and 100 LP's left to finish if I can find out how to change the needle on the record player. Say in essence another 4 DVD's worth. 11,000 songs at 3 minutes is 550 hours or 23 days of playing 24 hours or 2 months of more regular time listening. And this doesn't include my current CD collection. Maybe I'd better start swopping out music from my iPod if I am going to give many of these at least one listen before I croak.

Speaking of croaking, the doc mentioned that I need to go on one of them fancy diets and exercise a lot more if I am not to prematurely become toast. But then that poses another question, doesn't it.


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