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Sunday, March 20, 2005

The aches of age

It was cold yesterday, but being male, I put on a fairly light jacket to go and watch the St Paddy's Day parade. Well the wind got into my back, and so I will be moaning about this most of the week. (But only with the lower lip you understand, the upper one will be kept properly stiff).

We went on to a party in the afternoon, and (while I should have learned from a lesson a couple of decades ago) I may have sort of talked myself into accepting another commission. Well they have to decide if they can commit the money, and maybe get some other folk to go along with the plan, but this is where I started to get into trouble back then. It will be interesting to see how it progresses, but hard to remain anonymous if I blog about it much.

Mum was fine today though she told me the same tale three times. The home has been giving them a small glass of sherry at 11 am for the past three weeks, and then suddenly they stopped it at the end of the week. I suspect I may meander in there with a couple of bottles when I go over.

I have been doing the easy exercise tape for a while now, with lots of excuses for not switching back to the harder "The Firm" ones, but the need is there, and maybe they will help the old back, so . . .so. . . well maybe next time.


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