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Friday, February 04, 2005

Our turn

After having sympathised by osmosis with all those caught by the winter ills, it is now our turn. By this afternoon there were about five of us in various states of "the Lurgi." I got the splitting headache yesterday and, but for the need to make the presentation to our funding folk from Oklahoma, would have stayed home. Today I barely managed in for four hours, and the others were starting to fall by the wayside. So it may be a little hard to prepare for our toy (which arrives Monday) if we are all sick.

I had written to our Toy Maker commenting on our being less than thrilled with our visit to them, and got the "general platitudes" letter back. Will be interesting to see how training here goes.

I had to go in today since we had news that of the four White Papers that we sent in over Christmas, one has been accepted for full proposal, and so we needed to get together to allocate what must be done. I must generate some photos over the next couple of weeks. Then helped pick out a rock for a campus beautification project, accepted the contract from the Canadians (with a caveat that we can no longer meet their deadline since the contract is two months late), agreed to another little bit of that activity that generates cases of wine under the stairs, and went home to collapse.

Found the Actress laid on the bed, caught both with incipient malady, and a bad case of the Menopauses. This has been a bad week for her, but cannot see any solution but to slog through it. She does not want to use hormones, and so is looking into other possibilities again. (One of the wonders of the internet is you can read from folk that have experience).


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