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Friday, February 25, 2005

The old ferret's meme

Having mischievously meandered through others blogs over the past few days commenting on their "Things I have done. that you probably haven't" including profgrrrl , New Kid and conversely at blogs such as In favor of thinking , there is this itchy feeling to submit one's own list. So being the old ferret that I am, here it is:

1) Running through the snow wearing a Lapp hat and shorts while blowing a trumpet to illustrate a dead-beat’s dream for a film.
2) Having an ex-student promise a case of beer to each of his team if they created a production record during your visit.
3) Drinking six different varieties of Earl Grey tea in 3 months.
4) Drinking a glass of all the vodkas of Poland in a single evening.
5) Having sex under a bush in a public park during daylight
6) Attending the 50th anniversary celebration of the Pope’s ordination at the Vatican.
7) Buying a fake Gurkha kukri in the bazaar in Kathmandu.
8) Having your two kids treated as movie stars in Central China because there were two of them and because they were American.
9) Playing tennis in the snow north of the Arctic Circle in September.
10) Walking through a zoo in formal morning dress.

I thought about adding = wearing a kilt in Times Square at New Years, but that would get into the conversation I had with an adjacent couple about who was wearing what underneath.


At 5:15 PM, Anonymous New Kid on the Hallway said...

Hee! I enjoyed these. :-)


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