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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The odd reward

Well if not the flu, the medical opinion is that is some sort of virus, so no breakfast and in for blood sampling in the morning - well at least it will get me out of the house early.
Jimbo mentions feeling perhaps the onset of middle age. I remember my forties as being more relaxed, though looking back I realize that it was when I first stepped down from Administrivia (and stayed away for almost 10 years) and there were some conflicts but it was more of a time to stop being overcommitted to the job and find that there were other things in life. We took the kids to China and on to sabbatical in Australia. And then I came back and have done perhaps as much since as I had before, but at a different pace and with less intensity. (Which may be why two of my secretarial staff have been with me over 25 years, rather than seeking promotion elsewhere on campus).

Today I got a note from the Alumni office mentioning that in recent conversations with Alums my name had come up as "most influential/admired faculty", which goes with the alum that came up at a society function and mentioned (10 years later) that my class was the one that he later found most useful. (If only I could remember names).

I should do the "day in the life" perhaps to let Prof Goose see the wonder of my usual week. Last year I got the reputation for sleeping in meetings I found too boring, but I still have to go. In consequence for my own ensemble I try and only hold a meeting once a month - and to hold those to less than an hour. I have relatively little sympathy with folk reviewing material that they have already circulated by e-mail, and in my own case try to get more people to speak up.

Reading about graduate selection time elsewhere one is filled with a smidgeon of envy. Alas in our little sphere grad students are hard to come by and most often must be bought by money from contracts and grants. Which makes for some problems when, as now, there is a sudden rise in funding. The faculty most responsible came to me this afternoon to ask where to look for students. Unfortunately I had no great suggestions since the crop of potentials we are currently raising aren't ripe yet in his area, and the few other places in the country playing in this sandbox aren't producing many prospects either. I suspect we may end up having to try to do a little pirating . . .yo-ho-ho!


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