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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Not a typical day

Still feeling groggy, but the world must turn, and so in for my first meeting at 8:30 am. We have solved the parking issue so I can now park for that hour next to the Admin office where we meet. Of the six administrators at the meeting it transpires that over half are on blood pressure medication. Otherwise not much of note.

Back for 30 minutes of e-mail and it was time for a safety meeting on the new toy, that took until lunch-time. Spent lunch catching up on monthly reports that were due, and then back to conclude the work with the toy. Decided we will not play with it until the company expert comes down in two weeks, there are too many risks of things going wrong at this stage.

Worked with a student on a series of tests until it appeared that I was in the way, so quietly slip away - suddenly now remembering I was supposed to help her get a procedure carried out that did not work the last time it was tried. Oh, well we will try again tomorrow.

Then on to a meeting at 3 pm that went on until 4:15 when I realized that I was flat out of energy. Home therefore for a couple of hours before going out for a small celebration next door (the first time we had been in the house since it was built about 18 years ago). Very pleasant but had to leave early to rest. Remember now that I was also to post a test and the homework results table today - darn again.


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