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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ho, Hum, Ho, Hum

Only having seen "The Aviator" of this years top nominees, we were not all that impressed with the Oscars tonight, and it will be interesting to see if they have retained their attraction to the viewer.

This has been a frustrating weekend, went to the office yesterday to burn CD's for the class and had forgotten my keys, so had to call to be let in. Then, while cleaning up the material and burning the lectures, could not do a whole lot, so that it felt almost as though I had wasted the day. The Actress was at a benefit last night in memory of a local friend who had died, So we did not eat until late. Then I got into "The Compass Rose" by Gail Dayton and read it too far into the night.

Today Mum sounded much better, having been taken out for the first time this year, to shop and eat and have a day out with the Traveller. He, alas, is having severe problems with hip and knee due to our family friend Arthur. With the snow that they have had over there it cannot have been that easy to get around.

Well the needle went as I tried to transcribe the last hour of Parsifal, so until I can work out how to get it out and where I might get a replacement I have to switch from trnasferring LP's to importing the three drawers of tapes that have been amassing dust.

I should have left today for a professional meeting, but I decided to give it a miss this year. Been too often and there is too much else to do. We will be trained on the toy this week, and I need to talk with the Michigan folk about a contract extension, and must attend a meeting on what we are doing for the folk in Ohio, as well as getting some data for the folk in Oklahoma. And there are still two more CD's to prepare and then all those copies to run.

I am working to try and learn Poser and Vue d'espirit, but the laptop was tied up today with the music transfer, and there was just not enough energy in the ethos to get much moving. I think that this has always been a down time as we are too far into the semester to have kept the initial enthusiasm and yet too far from the end to begin to get that sense of relief that comes when the end of semester activities start. Although, speaking of which, I have to account for how we intend spending all the funds in the significant number of accounts for which I sign, by the middle of the week. Well I don't think I will be bored.


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