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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Five Gig is a lot of music

Since my energy level is barely up to four hours a day, this has put limits on what is getting done. But did go in today after getting the grad students to get everything ready and we did some analytical photography. As it happened I had lost the charger for my digital camera, so set up the digital video instead. Which meant that instead of getting one shot a second I got 30. And that gave us an insight we would not have had into what is going on. So these were dutifully sent to the theoretical folk, while I crawled back home. Maybe we can do experiment 2 tomorrow afternoon.

In the meanwhile the toy progresses - today they concreted its feet to the floor. I suppose we are going to have to do some sort of ceremony when it is all ready - not quite sure what. We had two training courses to take, but no time, so based on titles we all went to the one in Minneapolis. Now they tell us that we need the other one more, and the next course is at the end of April. Snarl! Well I guess I was wrong again.

My sister has wiped the music I had carefully selected for her from the iPod. It seems to happen if you don't watch when it first gets switched on by a new owner. So I decided to send a larger selection, and ended up with a DVD with only a few tunes to put on it. No problem, I thought, I am just lying here being a vegetable (the Actress being smart having left me to wallow in self-pity [note how he gets out of some of the current blog discussion on roles and time-coward that he is]).

So I pulled down a pile of recent CD's and started loading them in, and loaded, and went upstairs and found some others of possible interest, and loaded, and went and hunted around to find some more and loaded and after 980 songs finally was done. Hope that the Nurse finds at least one or two of interest (such as the Everley Brothers singing about the plane crash which she played incessantly one Easter as we watched the rain fall at Grandma's house in Scotland).

In an interesting role reversal, one of last semesters grads went to work for a client. They were talking last week and he admitted to taking my class. Guess who is the new contract monitor?


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