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Monday, February 07, 2005

Couldn't stay away

Saturday I spent mostly in bed, though I was motivated to get up and go and see "The Aviator' since the Actress wanted to see it, and this seemed to be the best time. We enjoyed it, though it could have been cut a fair bit I would suspect without losing anything of great import. We met a neighbor coincidentally in the lobby of the theater, and so went on out to dinner together. However since one in each party was under the weather, went home early thereafter. Whereupon the Actress spent the rest of the evening trying to decide, by going to the Internet, how much of the movie was fact.

Sunday also found me weak, though we had committed to a student affair for the evening (Chinese New Year) and so went along for the entertainment and food. Since many of the acts were put on by the children of students and faculty we had to be impressed, though it also went on a tad long. I had called Mum in the afternoon and she is getting more concerned about the Teacher. There is also a concern about money that the Teacher had, but I am not sure that we can do anything from here. All I can try and do is get over there at the end of March.

And so we came to this morning. I was there, with camera. as the truck pulled in with the toy at 8:10 am and took photographs as, with two fork lifts, the entire truck contents (9 items) were offloaded to the parking lot (since we did not know the order that they were to be assembled). After all that excitement I decided I had better go back to recover, so came home for a couple of hours to rest. Then the Administrator called to say the technician who is to build the toy had arrived. Plus a colleague was bringing some wheels for a tour and I should at least give the gracious welcome. So went in for another hour. The toy will take about 7 days to assemble and check out. And that was it for the day. With no remaining energy I crawled back home and have been acting the layabout ever since.

Hopefully I can manage a little more tomorrow, though I did schedule a visit with the doctor for Thursday.


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