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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Blue Bandage

After the Admin meeting this morning where we discussed improving PR and ways to better sell our message it was time to get ready for a couple of days elsewhere. However it was not possible to get the exam grades out since one of the class just informed me that it was not convenient to send in his answers. And another fails to respond to e-mails. Ah me, the joys of distance learning. Did not have time to sort it out.

So now I am ensconced at a hotel for a meeting on the morrow and a wander around the halls of the Opryland Convention Center on Thursday. Leaving to go out to dinner I sliced into the end of my finger with my razor accidentally. The hotel supplied a blue bandaid, which drew several comments at dinner. It also makes typing this a right pain, in the figurative sense, since the finger sliced is the left index. Have therefore stopped trying to learn Poser 5, which I had been looking forward to as an evening's entertainment, and will head off to an early bed, hoping that the next room have now got it out of their system. I did get to give a blond a mohawk, so I suppose I passed the first lesson.


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