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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Birthday Cake

Well apart from admitting to another year (and enjoying the free glass of whiskey at the Restaurant we have celebrated this at, courtesy of the Administrator's Xmas gift for the past 12 years) it was another night to celebrate technology as the Engineer took video snapshots through iChat at we blew out the candles on my birthday cake.

The Tsar has been so bubbling with energy and happiness this week that we all are assuming he has another job. The Prince Regent came to our faculty/staff meeting yesterday to give a 30-year pin to the Administrator and a 25 year pin to the Receptionist. He had to find his way through the building, which is a comment on how many times (1) he has been in it during the past 3 years. A Venture Capitalist showed up this morning and spent the last two free hours I have in the next month chatting about how she could make us money, as though what we are doing doesn't.

I was supposed to write the presentation for the Oklahoma folk tonight, but watched the SOTU instead. I was surprised at the number of actual untruths that were said. At least in the UK if a PM said stuff like this he would be thrown out of the House. On the other hand I think it was a rhetorical success in preaching to the Heartland. Truth, as a certain German individual once proved, can be easily overpowered by telling big enough lies often enough.

And so a number clicked over on the inexorable counter. So the question becomes, do I, on a much lower level, follow Johnnie Carson and quit at the peak, or do I hang on to a less distinguished but longer career. Now would be appropriate if I were to go this year - but with four large contracts in the air maybe I should hang on another year to get them established?

On the other hand there is the story in Reuters last Friday that is unfortunately relevant that would suggest that I need to go seek medical advice and perhaps not be so long-term oriented.


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