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Monday, February 14, 2005

Awake at last

Hmm! Well the lesson from Friday is that you should not go back to work too early with this latest bug. Was not in that good a shape by the end of the day and the weekend was sort of a relapse.

We had to go to a Choir Clinic out of town on Saturday and so tried using the Magellan. Unfortunately it had been sitting too long and had lost memory of where the satellites were. Since we were moving it was thus no help on the way up, but did get us back. I wish it would indicate the turns just a little sooner, but it did get us out of trouble a couple of times. We have still to master using it to find good dining places, however.

At least when we were at the clinic I could quietly act like a turnip for a few hours. But the weekend was largely non-productive. Even Mum is finding the days boring, and not much change. So I need to arrange to be over there at the end of next month.

Having been put back into musical mode I spent most of Sunday moving more LP's to the Mac, using the Griffin interface. It is relatively easy and allowed me to delete a stuck section on one track without much problem. So now there is more classical (mainly Chopin this weekend) available for the iPod. As well as sundry other stuff, including, by mail today, "Moishe's Bagel." Well maybe tomorrow I will listen to it.

Today the toy was first awakened and made her first small movements. Tomorrow, after the Admin meeting, we begin Safety training. I have a name for her, but not sure it is winning much acceptance. Happy Valentine's Day to all.


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