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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Yipee for technology

Let it be noted, for the first time tonight we had all the family on iChat with two separate video conferences going on simultaneously and the iChat words to tie it together. Finally got all the addresses straight, now all we can do is wait for Apple to come out with Tiger and we will be able to do it on one screen for all participants. And maybe before then I'll remember to pack a camera mount so that I don't have to hold a camera in one hand and type with the other. Note that we are tonight in different cities though they were using the Bishop's laptop as well as the Advocate's iMac in the same room in New York. They tried pointing a video camera from the laptop to the iMac so that I could see the Engineer, but it was pixelating too much and we lost sound. He is still on the West Coast and I am up here - but no longer alone, hee. (Or is it that you can run but you can't hide).

The Actress talked about Johnnie Carson and what a great influence he was. He was part of our conversation in part at dinner. I remember stopping to eat in his home town once, just so I could tell the Actress that I had. (They were having a wedding at the restaurant). I mentioned his 6 pages in the NYT to her, funny what they included and left out.

Folk up here are very polite, but they keep asking why we are here in a slightly incredulous sort of way. By the way if you stay at the Holiday Inn North - the maps on the Web are totally wrong. As in there are three addresses that are the same in this town, and the map shows one of the wrong ones. How do I know - well guess who was the Navigator. So tomorrow it's back to being a student for four days. The problem is that there is a practical exam at the end - oops!

The Advocate confessed he is searching diligently to find this blog (he doesn't know the title only that it exists). Soft Chuckle!


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