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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Too late a response on Social Security

The Actress is practicing the flute. Before she began I read out Jimbo's definitions of dorks, etc. We decided I think, that I am a geeky bookworm. OK, I think I can live with that. (I also read the comment about practicing music being nerdy - and ducked).

Today was spent preparing for our big presentation on the Ohio project next week.
Our industry advisor came and worked with us. The meeting was broken so that we could all go and make phone calls at lunch. Mine was from the Teacher's son. His mother, my aunt, is now showing greater signs of dementia and does not want to go into a home. I suggested he ease her into it by getting her to go "on holiday" there a week a month, and then as time goes on to increase the times. It was the way Mum did it with Dad.

I noted on one of the political blogs tonight that polls are showing that the message that Social Security is in trouble has already been sold to the public at large. You would have thought that someone would have learnt from the Swift boat fiasco that these things have to be refuted immediately otherwise it is too late, and the initial message sticks. And it looks as though its going to be too late again. Grrr.

Incidentally in my earlier post on Social Security I mentioned that our actual experience in investing since 1968 earned us a fair bit less than Larry Lindsay has been going around saying that such an investment would have generated. I ended up running the numbers and we averaged about a 5% return over the period, whereas it seems he was projecting a 7% return, at least as I ran his numbers. The difference is such that the investment in the market will give a smaller return than the current process.


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