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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tomorrow and tomorrow

Well as the last post suggests, I was just settling into a quiet relaxing night when I was reminded we had a social event (a musical evening) tonight and so on there to do the usual social thing, and hear a reasonably good program from a variety of campus sources.

It might be appropriate to explain that in normal circumstance I would have let the junior faculty present this morning on the program they were largely running. We had, however, been used as a bit of window dressing to get this rather large multidisciplinary contract and now that the money was here it was clear that there was an effort to move the money from the area we play in, to others. Given that, it seemed wiser in the short term that I do the report. Hopefully we have shifted the focus and this won't be necessary again - but I suspect that at the time of the next review we may face the same attacks. (The panel had five members, four external and one internal - the internal one was the only critic and it was one of these "didn't so and so at company X do a lot of this back when." I was careful to explain that he had not and that his approach differed significantly from what we were doing. What I did not point out was that so-and-so had applied for his first job here after graduation and had not been chosen. Further, in the area cited the company X had hired me recently as an expert witness in this area of interest, since it is an area pioneered here a couple of decades ago.)

Our next meeting, on an entirely different topic, is at 7 am tomorrow, and then back into contract negotiations (live) with our Indiana monitor, and (via phone) with our Canadian friends.

Dr. B. is talking about 80 hour weeks, in part I suspect it depends on what is defined as work. Since, given what I do, almost the entire day 7 am - 10 pm could be defined as work (yes we had a working lunch).


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