Heading Out

Seeking the winds that help to sail on Shakespeare's tide.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Times change

Tonight was one for staying in - but having spent the day redoing lectures and burning CD's (no nobody has a burner that allows multiple copying and my dear desktop has a virus checker that takes 2 hours to do each CD, and the only get around is to shut down and reboot) so going out seemed a good idea.

We went to an old favorite that has just been taken over and turned into an "English Pub." But alas when in the UK those are the places where I eat most often and this wasn't close. Which is sad. So in a couple of weeks or so we might go back to see how it turns out. But until then I think I am going to switch off this overworked mind and watch the Directors cut of "King Arthur" - given that I never made it more than half-way through the book.


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