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Monday, January 17, 2005

Technology moves, but which way

Mel was commenting about the start of the semester, and the joys of the copier. Alas my class this semester is DL and since I post Powerpoints with sound this has produced files that are too large for some of the class to download. So, after chopping an inadequate amount of wood for the fire, went in today to post new lectures and then to burn two lectures per CD, in multiple copies - which seems to take forever. Must find out tomorrow whether we have some form of disc copier anywhere on campus. (Printing paper notes seems to have been easier and faster, after we moved from that purple thing to electronics).

Just got done when I got an e-mail from another student asking for a set of copies - snarl! Well he'll have to wait until tomorrow since I am still two presentations short and two monthly reports missing and I just folded laundry and well, never mind, you get the picture . . . .

Hmm, even with a fire on the furnace kicked in after the sun went down, must blaze the fire some more . . .


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