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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Student Days

This should, I suppose, make me more sympathetic. But on the common physician's argument that if I can do it and learn, then surely so can they . . . .

We arrived late Sunday and by 9 am Monday were in class, where apart from a lunch break for brought-in Pizza, is where we stayed until 4:30 pm. Came in last night with just enough energy to crawl to the bar to spend the last free drink token, and gulp down a piece of Walleye. Then it was upstairs, a quick skim through the blogs, and a realization that I did not bring a program that I needed to use for some of the work. And bed by 9 pm. (And clock checks at 2:30; 3:45; 4:15; 5:30, and up at 7:00).

Today was a repeat, except that we did not quit until 5:15 pm, and they brought in burgers. Though I am becoming acclimatized a little, and we were all kept interested and actively working on problem solving all day today (yesterday we learned how). Back we go tomorrow and then on Thursday they will let us play with the real toys. And so tonight we went out for an early meal at a local establishment (menu - good steak, steak, ground steak - all the same size). And after a quick skim through the blogs at about 9:15 pm I think I have barely enough energy left to make it to bed.

I think it makes it a little easier in that even while learning, I am thinking about how to present this when it becomes our turn to teach this. But for now, alas there is not enough get-up-and-go left to comment on the USA Today piece on Social Security, which left a remarkable amount of information out of their story that might have led to a different conclusion. Nor is there enough for comments on the way oil is going - nope it all got-up-and-went, and so it is time to follow suit.


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