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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A sad but inevitable day

The Actress's mother passed away early this morning. This comes just six months after her father died. And so the day has been spent in cancelling appointments, getting a couple of reviews out, final checking the last White Paper, and getting things planned (or not there were a couple of "well, you're going to have to take care of it!"s).

We will be heading down to South Florida on Friday, and have already discovered that this is not the time to go looking for motels down there, but we managed. I say we, but in reality the Actress deals with things by becoming very busy (she's now cleaning again). I tend to just sit or stand and my mind just drifts. So she has been making all the arrangements - which are by now almost done.

The end was in many ways a relief since Esther has been under critical hospice care for a week, and for the last year has been intermittently in this condition. We were never really sure that she knew when her husband died.

The Actress called an Aunt to tell her, and the Aunt asked that the obituary not be put in the local paper in the town where she lived (and where Esther had spent most of her life before they retired). And then asked that we not put in age, but since this is one way that folk can track ancestors and also because we had already called it in we could not go along. Turns out she still does not want her children to know that she is 94.


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