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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Post Academia

Today I signed the papers saying that the paperwork for the toy was complete, and that the test program was acceptable. Now we have six days and it will be shipped off to us. While we did not get my little job done, it was because firstly the individual who knew what he was doing is in China, and so we got assistant who did not know what I had done wrong. However together we worked it out and then found about four different things we had not been warned about (and that the promo video fails to mention).

However in the end we did get something accomplished and if not what I had hoped, it was fairly obvious why not, and so I will try again to do the project as soon as it is put in place and I have fixed my mistakes. (Plus we had obviously overstayed our welcome).

There is apparently some demand for my toy, and there are not that many around. So as we sat at a more humble eatery tonight the thought came that I could, since I will be playing with my new toy over the next year, use it as a place to continue mental activity by becoming a Toyman once I give up the Administrivia. Must give this some thought, but not tonight, since we leave at 6 am.

A final whinge however - as someone born within a stone's throw of the brewery - I do wish that folks serving Newcastle Brown would keep it at a reasonable temperature, freezing my tonsils off with a good swallow does not let me taste the real merit of the brew.


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