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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Of fires, oil and England

We had a very quiet New Years, after deciding not to go to either the party or the folks next door. It was, as they say, just one of those nights. But then last night went to visit a colleague who retired about five years ago. After getting through some health problems he is now quite gleefully becoming an artist - a relatively new idea for him. And so they were talking about meandering over into Tuscany and while he paints she will take the odd cookery class. Aaah ! Now that sounds more like a good way of spending a few years.

One of the comments he made on deciding to do art is that as he gets older a lot of the other relaxations will require more effort than he might put forth, while this one may not. Furthermore he is getting to be good at it already.

Peered into the papers quoted at The Energy Bulletin and see that Peak oil is getting some attention in US News and in The Boston Herald. There is even an article on how wise I was to buy a wood stove from The Guardian, though as I sit here tonight we haven't lit it in over a week because it has been so warm. That is actually good since we didn't buy any more wood this year and only had about two cords left. We use it more because it is a more pleasant heat (we have a tile stove) but it takes about 4 cords a season of wood that has to be cut shorter than usual. But given the hint, I think we'ss get some green wood stacked up this summer, then all I have to do is split it. I do about 10-15 logs a night and that keeps the house pleasantly warm until we have both left the following morning.

Mum was fine today, after having been taken out by the Nurse's older daughter (Reefer - the Rigger's sister) just before New Year. She mentioned that she had trouble sleeping the other night and the night staff came in with a cup of tea. It was definitely sleepy tea apparently since it sounds as though it was at least a third brandy. And it worked.


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