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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Of fires, finances and Social Security

Well another day of budget manipulation, in this case for the Indiana project, trying to do the first part of the estimate for next year. Plus we had to work out if we could hire more students, and though nominally we are incredibly busy, the question as to when some of the new work will come in made me too nervous to approve any additional ones today.

I came in today thinking that there was almost a clean calendar for the year. Then we had to schedule a trip to Cincinnati. No problem I can go at the end of the month. Just get that arranged when there is a small reminder that we have a major review of the Ohio project that week, and if I want any more money I had better be there. Oops, I crawl out of the office and kneel before the Administrator to confess to being an idiot. So the schedule is checked, and there is a possibility in February. No problem, I can make that. Arrangements are made. Shortly thereafter the Administrator comes in with a brochure for the Sewer Cleaning Conference in Nashville. If you think that the MLA parties are fun you can never have stood in the midst of 10,000 sewer cleaners with open beer taps at each corner of the room. But I have to go - remember that meeting that I went to the wrong town for, well the next one is run with this, and I had better be there - oops! No grovelling piteously to ask forgiveness didn't help. I will reschedule Cincinnati later in maybe March.

Came home to a glowing fire tonight, it truly is a most relaxing heat, and with the weather so miserable outside. But then had to go out and chop more wood, so there is a price to pay.

I am mildly amused by some of the comments about the Bush Privitization Plan for Social Security. Mainly because when I first came here it was suggested that I put some money into the Tax-Sheltered Annuity scheme that the campus had with one of the Teacher Associations. Well I did and so ever since we stuck $200 a month into this and since it was ongoing from when I started it was never anything I thought about - though I am now glad that I took the advice of a colleague and did so. It was never any spectacular increase and we switched companies a couple of times, but today we decided that perhaps there should be some order in the finances and for the first time visited a financial planner. (Putting two kids through college meant we haven't had anything to plan with until recently). And so tonight I will pull out the papers and see what it actually ended up amounting to.


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