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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

So here I sit, my second dose of Alzheimer's medicine (G&T) sat beside me. I missed all the Inauguration events today (for the first time in 10 such events that I have had the chance to see since I came here). As I watched the speech I felt that I wanted to be less cynical. But alas there is that saying "fool me once, . . . "

Interesting that today I spent in major presentations to contracting officers on ongoing projects. Was up into the wee hours working on the two presentations for this morning. (At 3 pm yesterday another colleague commented that one of the grad students would have to work beyond 5 pm to get the data I needed for one of the slides - he thought it wrong I was putting the guy under that sort of pressure - what can I say). One of the reviewers this morning (a panel) commented on how they were "happily surprised." Yeah, because we had been set up to fail at this point so that they could take our portion and move it into a more politically correct program. So we survived, which makes it interesting to see where they are going to now have to make the cut. If I don't seem sorry about not losing my head blame it on the medicine. (By the way this is the Ohio project).

So we come out of the meeting and I have to turn to the team and say that no I could not join them for lunch because I had to go talk to my other visitor, who wanted to review the Indiana project. So we were out at lunch and one of my Dl class members was at the same restaurant and came over and introduced himself. The first one I have met and he had to drive 400 miles to say hello (he is I think the closest of the class).

So we come back to the office and there is this e-mail saying that our friends in Canada have decided to accept our proposal. I promptly (and in the presence of our Indiana contracting officer) went into the Administrator's office and drove my head deliberately into the side of a filing cabinet. We can now, barely, meet the deadline for that work - even if we weren't behind on two more. (Also had a call from Michigan where we apparently have blown a whole theory into small pieces and they can't decide whether to can us or fund us for more pain). Our Indiana program needs a new statement of work to give us another year of funding now, so that we can be funded beyond our current effort. And I am leaving again on Sunday.

Where did I put that gin bottle ?



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