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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Home again

We came back to the usual cold, empty feeling of a house unoccupied, and so the first order of business was to build a fire. Which required splitting logs. Being in unintelligent mode (this seems to be happening more often) the log is placed on a soggy pile of bark and chips - swing - Kersplat! Yup all over the clothes - welcome home!

I have been a bit remiss in not following much for the past few days and thus missed the mention of Dr B and Profgrrrl by Yglesias. Reading the comments to the post I think I much prefer the ladies, to his other referents, though for some reason I have unfogged on my still-to-be-installed Blogroll. I must also learn how to do trackback, since this was a reason for doing the comments through Haloscan. Alas both now go on a list.

The Duchess was re-confirmed in office. I think it a mistake for at least four good reasons, and may rant about this at some other time. One for example is that it is the Dauphin off making sales pitches for one of her Departments. But then being away I may not have heard the full story yet.

There are large stacks of messages about current contracts running out, new ones needing statements of work, meetings to attend this week, and others to reschedule, and my first class was supposed to be today. Yes indeed. Welcome home !


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