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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

First impressions can be wrong

Well why not? Blame Dr C

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Into the office by 8:30 am and two hours of e-mail response, etc and then a quick wander around to kick the odd tire and see what had happened while we were away. Students had done a couple of things that turned out much better than I had hoped, prior to the review of the Ohio project. This will happen next week, and I called a sub-task group meeting tomorrow to make sure that we cast this in the best light possible for the review. Unfortunately our sponsor from Indiana wants to be here the same day, and our friends from Oklahoma also want to drop by. Given that we are all disappearing to Minneapolis for a week this makes life a little complicated schedule wise, and the Administrator was not here today to bail me out of this mess. So we compromised. On my way to an admin meeting the Szlachta mentioned that an unfunded experiment he had run had produced a rather startling result. One of the jaw-open, teeth-fall-out, types of result. We'll just have to see if he can repeat it.

Turns out that my judgement of the Duchess re-appointment was not correct. Since apparently she was not the first choice and the reasons that others turned it down matched the comments that they had made during the interview process (our currently changing top administration). This may or may not help much in the days ahead when she has to bring some warring factions back into a common camp, but it ameliorated my opinion of the Prince Regent a bit (presuming he was telling the truth).

She and I shared an angry glare at a meeting this afternoon, over a trivial issue, but one I was not supposed to feel as strongly about as I do. So I suspect I will not be high on her buddy list for the next few. Just another problem to send to the back of my mind. Speaking of which one of the potential side effects of Nexium is reported to be a headache - well I guess that might explain where this one came from.


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