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Monday, January 03, 2005

A Day in the Life

Jimbo is now starting to take a more interesting view on the construction of blogs - which in a way makes me feel lazy since I can see that I really ought to tidy this up and put in a few more of the features that he talks about.

But I am still not sure what my goal with this is, since the subjects tend to bounce around. There is some sense of trying to create a little personal history, but there is not the amount of life's detail that one finds, for example at profgrrrl and I haven't learned how to put in cute cat pictures yet (Ours is also a lot older). Though there is some of that. We had a meeting today, for example, to decide how to revise the budget for our Canadian friends. We had originally costed the work out at twice what they had budgetted. So we have now split the difference (while cutting out a bit of the work) and now we wait to see how it works out. The problem is that most of the budget is getting ready to do the work, doing much more or less doesn't make a huge difference. On the other hand the work itself should give some really valuable results. Well we sent it off, and now we wait and see.

Also got another of the White Papers off today - we decided not to send in one of them, since there is just not going to be enough time.

And then of course there are the multiple changes going on here, with incipient news of the fate of the Duchess - one suspects she survived, from some of the comments made today, as we all spent too much time chatting over coffee etc.

And there are the odd soap boxes, of which the Peak Oil thing seems to have crept out of left field to bite my curiosity. I had thought I would be spending more time right now discussing the relative merits of different Photoshop treatments for restoring old photos. And visiting other sites gets me considering things I want to do before I die. Though I suspect there is a certain greater urgency to get some of them done in this case.

Well I guess I still don't know where we're going, but we'll stumble along some more and see where another semester will get us.

But it's still too addictive.


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