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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Academic Eating.

While accepting the basic argument of Dr. B. in regard to normal academic eating (I occasionally find myself sneaking out for lunch at around 3 pm if I haven't forgotten to eat it entirely). There are however occasions, conference receptions, recruiter lunches etc where the chance for free gorging should not be passed up.

This as an excuse for this evening when after three intense days learning how to do neat things with my new toy, the Sales Manager for Toys Inc (not their real name) took us out to dinner at Jax ( a high end place in Minneapolis - his name was on the matchbox covers). Unfortunately this got into a bit of one-upmanship. They want to convince us how great they are (6 months after we placed the order) while I got into a bit of been there-done that, which might have appeared a little ungrateful. But in the end a good time was had by all.

Unfortunately it appears that the fourth day of our course, tomorrow, where we had hoped would be more telling us what to do, has the sound of becoming more of a commercial. Which would be a pity since I spent the last two days working up a little thing for them to do for us tomorrow that should take possibly 3 or so hours, and I was looking forward to their seeing if it would work.

It was interesting talking to our instructor today. Apparently over half the job shops around Minneapolis have closed and the remainder are running at less than half capacity. Most of the work has gone to China. And when we discussed cost differentials, it got to be looking very grim. So exactly which countries were going to loan us money to modify Social Security ? And exactly why were they going to be interested in loaning us the money? Run that by me again, please!


At 10:16 AM, Blogger bitchphd said...

Isn't 3 pm when everyone eats lunch?

I never eat at receptions and parties and stuff. I try, but somehow I find socializing precludes eating, and at best I can just snack a little. It drives me nuts, but for the life of me I can never make a meal even with a lavish spread, and I always end up having to eat right afterwards.

At 9:06 PM, Blogger Heading out said...

It depends on the reception type and hour. At conferences they can be the only place I end up having food, especially at the lavish ones. On the other hand when they occur here on campus we generally eat before we go.


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