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Monday, December 27, 2004

Snippets of visits

Snippet the first - Christmas Eve we just wandered around the shops - had to do the windows at Saks, and picked up the odd book and CD for the stockings (which I had forgotten and so we used gift bags). Dragged a suitcase with the gifts over to the Advocate's and had dinner that they had cooked - only when we had vanquished everything in sight was it remembered that there was a special sauce - the kid takes too much after the parent.

So then the three religious and us all pile in cabs and off to St John the Divine for the late night Mass. Now you must excuse the proud parent bit - but if you were there and heard the call for a doctor - the younger one in the blue shirt who came down from near the front was the Advocate ( it turned out not to be very serious). Nice service we thought, but chatting about it the following day we heard three fairly expert opinions as to why the Bishop of New York (the real one) did not give a good sermon. So a good first day.


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