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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Red footprints across the floor.

Well the controversy about the nominee for the Duchy continues to intensify. I got a look at individual comments today, and found that Hatless in usual style had managed to include a quote from me that both clearly identified that it was me making the comment and that it was very negative to one of the candidates. It is, for those who do not understand how to play this game, how you undercut an individual. Every chance you set them into a slightly bad light in such a way that it cannot reflect on you, and then ensure that it is widely distributed. I have played this game against better masters than this (though he did get a lot of training in Washington) and long ago discovered that persistent performance is about the only real defense against these back alley attacks that are almost impossible to defend against otherwise. Still this was a relatively unexpected attack save only that the comment was against his favored candidate (the Duchess). It is illustrative in that the comment was an aside and related to a comment made at another meeting in which I quoted a couple of rather damning statistics, which were missing from the citation, and which made it look as though I was making a more vindictive and childish attack - good job that my annual letter came from the Social Services telling me what my income from them would be if I retire.

Otherwise the whole day was spent with the visitor from Utah, and the discussion of what we might do to help in a new project. The problems are that this has to be done in the near future, and we are fully occupied in that time frame. I had to bluntly tell that sad reality since there was a request that we get this work done by March. We are 3 weeks from break and January will be spent installing the new toy and learning to play with it - sorry, Charlie.

I watched the discussion video from the SPE conference debate on Peak Oil last night and having read Deffeyes book and Simmons speeches I was less than impressed by the comments of the opposition - which were largely along the lines of "we aren't dead yet." Then to go on and read some of the comments on Saudi real production and the problems that a) world tanker fleets are now fully employed and b) that the existing reserve is in high sulphur and higher density crudes for which there are not enough refineries that can process the stuff became very depressing.

So also is the realization, after dropping in on profgrrrl that I really need to get back to restoring family photos and all those other fun things I was doing before this semester got in the way. I really like the first photo in her set if you want an editorial comment.

Well I have blethered on, and now must work, for dream as we may, work we must until this semester is done.

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