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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Pleasantly Busy

Hmm, after the last class a PhD student comes up and asks if he can shift into my discipline. Quite a pleasant message to take to the Department's Christmas lunch and made Hatless quite pleased. For some reason there is a chill developing between his staff and mine. Later today I also hear a comment that there may have been what used to be known as a little hanky panky between some of the individuals in my domain. Am I supposed to do something about this? Does one call in individual A and say, "rumor would have it that . . . .!" Somehow I don't think so. My Admin responsibilities do not involve playing the hall monitor. (One of the individuals is about 50). And actually I hadn't noticed and there may be nothing going on. On the other hand maybe I will wander the corridors a little more frequently, though not sure to what end.

The tours did not show today and so I was able to start work on one of the five White Papers that must be done before we leave. We had a very productive meeting with a colleague who has worked in government on these issues and who in essence said if you want to play in this you need to contact a very big player, and then agreed to do so. Nice to be able to hand that off, but it left me promising to have this first draft out this week. And then there was the abstract that had been promised, and so I can't see the pace slowing down any until we leave.

But a long time ago a colleague and I used to get together and get rather plowed at lunch discussing the world in general. He is now long retired, but I suggested that he come by for lunch tomorrow and maybe we might just see how far two old ferrets can recreate a moment or two of a younger past.


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