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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

On to better things

Well having got the gloom and doom out of my system, it is time (after Bruckner's 7th finishes) to go eat a bowl of the new soup (this may be the family staple for a couple of days - we had lots of left-overs that went into the pot). Then maybe try an exercise tape, and the project for today.

Todays project, for those interested in obscure hobbies, is to remove some branches from the photo of a tree taken from the British lines to see if then, by reversing it, it will match a photo taken from the German lines. The photos are from around Mouse Trap Farm in Belgium during WW1, and the reason for doing this is so that I can better model the ground and trees during April of 1915. Which was when my Grandad marched past. The possible match has been suggested by a friend in the UK who is building a composite picture of the same area, but by a different method.

And also today I have to check the rolls of the battalion, since there may be information about a relative for someone who sent an e-mail.


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