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Monday, December 06, 2004

Misty England

It was really a bit foggy this morning and thin enough to be pleasant to drive through for a short way. There is a lot of pressure and stress around at this time, so the staff were going to a Stress handling class today. But the Administrator's spouse got stranded in Miami and so had to be picked up today instead of yesterday, and the Bookie (our accountant sort of) had a domestic problem - ah, well, with their problems I think it would have helped, but then that could be the old benevolent dictator thinking.

Mum was tired when I called yesterday, The Nurse and the Rigger had been by and were then off to visit other relatives for a couple of days. They will be back to see her on Tuesday before the Nurse flies off. Mum will have her Christmas show on Thursday and mentioned it some three times, so she was a little confused, but I think this is becoming true whenever she gets tired now. An active day gets her out for lunch, a drive in the country, and by 5 pm she likes to be back. And a couple of days of that and she has a problem keeping up. Better we have learned to do a couple of days, go visit others and then drop by for a day or two to say goodbye again.

Our Oklahoma friends now want to come and visit, at the same time as the Michigan group so we need to get the schedule set up for next week, (and make sure the demo's work - unfortunately a lot of the time they don't when they need to).

Skimming the talk about students and employment I wish I had time to participate, but don't, but as a comment for those of us who work in the more obscure branches (in terms of numbers) it has always been very hard to recruit grad students and is likely to get considerably worse in the next few years - although I have had a fair bit of success in bringing students in from other branches to work in our little pocket of mischief.


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