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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Merry Christmas Season to all

Well here we are in the Big Apple, it having taken only an hour to get to our hotel from La Guardia, and that through Central Park - traffic is a mess. While the Actress is away exercising, the Engineer, who is over at the Advocate's apartment (he being still at work for another hour) has been setting up his iMac account so that when Apple finally gets this fixed some time this coming year I should hopefully be able to go over to the UK and sign in so that my Mum can see the kids at the same time that she chats to them, and all at once. Cool !

In regard to the Merry Christmas comments that seem to be everywhere I think that some of us don't actually say that to someone until it is the last time we are likely to see them before the 25th. In the same way with New Years. But, since I, as do many of us at universities, work with people of a very broad range of faiths, it seems only proper that when they are not Christian that I wish them Happy Holidays - or Happy Channukah or whatever. For the record I wish Indians a Happy Dewali and Chinese a Happy Chinese New year on those occasions, or is this now also going to be considered improper.

That all aside, gentle readers, I cannot be sure that I will be blogging much over the next two days - NYC having much to tempt our appetites, and kindred also - so if I don't have the opportunity before, and for those who consider it relevant - may I wish you both a Merry Christmas Season and a Happy and Prosperous New Year (whenever it may start).


At 1:24 AM, Blogger ~profgrrrrl~ said...

Hope you have a great holiday and a wonderful time in NY!


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