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Monday, December 13, 2004

Living in interesting times

Criminey! It is definitely getting worse - the infighting that is. Hatless sent me a copy of a memo he sent to the Prince today virtually declaring war on another Department in the battle of succession. What I fear he does not understand is that this is not going to reflect well on the Duchess reign, since it implies that she has not been able to build any harmony during her appointment. Plus being as blunt and descriptive about the habits of a co-chair and faculty in that department definitely does not go down well. It is quite hard to see how one can find a good solution to any of this. Maybe I should go find some rose bushes ?

Other than that today was relatively quiet, just meetings upon meetings to try and hammer out the white papers. Then tonight another night out- this was much better, and there was a Nigerian song that was particularly new and different that went down well with the audience. This is now where I start to panic about Christmas gifts and finding time to get them, and mailing off the ones to the UK that should have gone last week. But then came home and wrote a presentation for our visitors from Michigan who arrive tomorrow after the Admin meeting. Wonder how long they will stay ?


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