Heading Out

Seeking the winds that help to sail on Shakespeare's tide.

Saturday, December 18, 2004


There is no fun like coming into an empty building to write an abstract and a White Paper and sneaking into the fridge to lunch on leftover party food. Bring on the cold fruit cake, add an assortment of cookies, vote no on the doughnuts and there we go. Not really a good idea but the abstract went out and all that is left are a couple of 3-D figures that I think I will go home to do for a couple of the White papers. Two white Papers done and about out, and chatted with the Canadian and I have until Wednesday to get that one up there.

The Engineer frantically e-mailed this morning seeking to find out how to make a trifle for a party at a faculty members house tonight. Hmm, I can't remember how to make custard - drat! Must find out how he succeeded.

Enough! I said I wasn't going to do this any longer at the beginning of the semester and here we are at the end, just as bad as usual. Put away the last oatmeal cranberry cookie, fold the laptop and off to a night out, in less formal gear than I had to wear today.


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