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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hello Houston

(Yes I did go out for lunch)
This is just a brief observation. Before we went into Iraq it was producing over 2.5 mbd of oil for the world market. It is now producing about 1 mbd less than this, but unfortunately, as the LA Times notes, the terrorists over there are starting to learn about economic control, and are taking out the oil supply to Baghdad. Traffic lines are already running over 2.5 miles long and it is getting worse. Once they start to fully understand how to do this they may well go into places such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE and those queue lengths would become short for what happens over here.

( And actually we discussed University politics over lunch but the international oil situation won out as a topic - here we find that the level of red on my shoes has just passed the lace holes and is still rising - not helped by a national review that we just received).


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