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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Growing cynicism

As I continue to read Robert's book I next come to a bit that says

"passengers routinely urinated on the seats (of the trains) . . . and still do."
Having been there both in 1987 and again a couple of years ago I have to say that this is also more than a little over the top. I rode trains on both occasions (on the first with the Actress, a 12-year old Advocate and a 9-year old Engineer) and never saw anything of that sort.

I am, however, reminded of the last visit when, on the train ride west out of Changsha, I looked down on one of those idyllic tourist-type scenes of a sampan ferrying across a small river, with a farm on the other side. Reaching to grab my camera it was then amusing to note the rather large TV dish in the farmyard, behind the farmhouse.


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