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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Gentle Suggestion for a CV

ZZZ! Full court press presentations take it out of me a lot more than they used too. But our friend from Michigan (who turned out to be from somewhere else) has just left after suggesting we write a draft for a Phase 2 - which is encouraging. When he arrived he suggested we try a test to see whether we were doing any good. He also invited the Administrator to watch and we had never done this test. But we followed his advice and added a drop of water (from a straw not a syringe) and . . . . . I wished I had thought of that four months ago. It was a dramatic marker of success or failure. And yes we had both, now we have to explain why.

Apropos the title, and understanding that this may be difficult in some disciplines, though maybe not. The occasion that caused the Tsar to invite me to lunch recently dealt with the visit of some Venture Capital folks. To follow up I sent a CD to them including pictures from many of our projects over the past 35 years. ( there were about 120 of them in a Powerpoint file). There has been a very favorable reception to this, but there was also the comment that they had never seen "a lifetime of ideas" presented in that way before. And so I pass it on. It's a lot easier to do at the time rather than later - even if it is no more (as it was in several cases) than the illustration used when first going to sell an idea to a possible granting agency. And making a copy from the file (which we now update about every 3 or 4 months) is just a matter of burning one. It sort of helps an application stand out a little bit from the average, perhaps ? (Or is this the old ferret trying to teach someone to suck eggs ?)


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