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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Fall weather

The raw days of late fall used to mean that we would have been burning wood for a month, but with the kids gone and evening activities it hardly seems worth lighting a fire for the few hours we are home. (But since it is Sunday I should probably get one started). The end of semester and Holiday parties are going full swing, though I missed the one the Duchess gave by misreading my calendar and being tied up in too many meetings.

At this stage in the career I have taken the five white papers that once I would have written and have given four of them to junior faculty - not only for drafts but so that they can be the PI's. The only one I kept is one that is going to be somewhat hard for anyone else to write since what we are proposing is counter intuitive. (And I have one page of the five done). Thus lots of meetings to draft ideas, estimate budgets and assign tasks. But it filled the end of a week, that still also had some class elements and work on the current programs. (And the interminable administrivia).

Friday night was the theater, to a sadly amateurish performance that even the Actress was not happy with. So last night, after going out for dinner, came back and relaxed with Haitink and Bruckner's 8th, and Path of Fate by Diana Pharaoh Francis. (I had to re-read it since I just got the sequel).

Today after exercise i must serve in a social function that takes the afternoon and early evening - but then must finish the white paper I have left, as well as doing the Christmas cards (the office ones were done the afternoon I had a quasi-liquid lunch - the Administrator made sure I was doing nothing dangerous).

At one time I had thought that even though a lot of the industrial base was transferring overseas that the basic agricultural underpinning to the American economy would continue to ameliorate the foreign exchange problem. It is worrying to note the New York TImes story on the growth of farming in South America. It implies that our foreign markets will soon disappear. Just one more worry . . . . . .


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