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Monday, December 27, 2004

A Different Christmas

Christmas Day we gave ourselves the excuse that it had been a really late night, so did not go over to the Advocate's until nearly noon. And got into a debate about the making of trifles. (The Engineer was also there). And they showed me that you can find a recipe for many things on the webs these days - though some are not as nice as others. (The pie not the hedgehog - though I have to say I have this Northumbrian song about eating hedgehog pie and where the proggles come out - but never mind).

So we opened gifts and chatted and suddenly we had to make the custard really quickly because two cars were coming to carry two lady ministers, the Bishop, and us off to the house of a couple of friends who were married by a Buddhist monk there to cook and eat a Christmas dinner. Which was goose and made more fun since again for the first time in some 30-odd years I was not cooking, but rather the aged P in the background. Much fun was had by all.

Twas here we also learned what the good sermonist did wrong the previous night - since the place was totally packed- with what are likely to be a fair number of folk who do not come regularly (the two next to us were Jewish we found out) this is where there is supposed to be the sort of sermon that will bring folks back and the general consensus was that that didn't happen. We ended the evening singing songs from the Sixties and merrily made our way back to the hotel in the wee hours.


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